Group picture of 2024-25 Healing Clinic executive board

The GW Healing Clinic is the umbrella organization for several clinical volunteer sites in the D.C. and Maryland area that are run by the students of the George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences. We provide primary care to medically underserved patients of Prince George’s County at our Bridge to Care clinic, help conduct behavioral health assessments and HIV testing and treatment at Whitman Walker Health, and partner with other community organizations to carry out our mission.

The idea behind starting the Healing clinic was not only to give back to the community but to also bring together community, GW students and faculty. The results were more humbling and exhilarating than anticipated, especially in terms of overwhelming support from all of the above groups.

- Irina Brennan, the GW Healing Clinic co-founder

Leadership Team
Role Name
Directors of Healing Clinic Owen Lubinski
Directors of Healing Clinic Josh Cruz
Director of Communication Adrianna Kowblansky
Executive Treasurer Natalie Ewing
Directors of Education Lan (Mary) Lee
Directors of Education Amber Haywood
Directors of Fundraising Lindsey Gordon
Directors of Fundraising Tommy Naum
Directors of Research Shawn Reginauld
Directors of Research Rahil Patel
Directors of Bridge to Care Tomas Cort
Directors of Bridge to Care Nick Van Dyke
Directors of Patient Navigation Ruxandra Nicloae
Directors of Patient Navigation Ifeoma Okeke
Directors of Clinic Managers Zeynep Celikkol
Directors of Patient Relations Brendan Lohmar
Directors of Patient Relations Sophie Tenenbaum
Director of Clinician Relations Zoie Nieto
Directors of ARCH Kathryn Ezenwa
Directors of ARCH Jash Mirani
Director of HMI Mershad Fahim Devin
Director of HMI Bradley Bontrager
Director of WW Beck Gold
Director of WW Ben Evans
Mission Statement

The GW Healing Clinic is a non-profit 501(c) 3 organization committed to expand access to health care to the vulnerable populations in and around Washington, D.C., regardless of insurance status or ability to pay. Our clinic is staffed by student and physician volunteers, offers free primary and preventive care, health education, patient advocacy, laboratory testing, gynecologic screening, specialty referrals and health insurance enrollment services.

Healing Clinic Operations

The GW Healing Clinic’s operations are manifold and include a variety of programs that require the participation of students across multiple disciplines. Students of GWSMHS carry out all aspects of the operation and administration of the clinic. Selected medical students serve one-year terms and run the day to day operations. 

We are constantly striving to improve our outreach efforts in the DMV area. Each year, we participate in a variety of educational and community events and are always open to new partnerships.

Our clinical services are the bulk of our operations. For more information about our sites, please visit the site specific pages for Bridge to Care, HIPS, and Whitman Walker Health.

The GW Healing Clinic programs are supported by the fundraising efforts of the student members. In order to keep the clinic running, we host a variety of different fundraisers and activities all organized by students, for students. Please see our fundraising page for more information and ways to get involved!

We conduct short-term and longitudinal research as a way to continually evaluate and improve the quality of care we deliver. Through various conferences and presentations, we share our mission and engage with other student run free clinics around the country. 

Annual Report - 2022

To provide more insight into what the GW Healing Clinic does throughout the year, we're sharing our 2022 Annual Report here

Contact Us

If this is a medical emergency, please call 911 immediately.

Phone: (202) 758-5739

Fax:(202) 994-0293

For inquiries, please reach out to our GW Healing Clinic email: