Healing Clinic Operations

The GW Healing Clinic’s operations are manifold and include a variety of programs that require the participation of students across multiple disciplines. Students of GWSMHS carry out all aspects of the operation and administration of the clinic. Selected medical students serve one-year terms and run the day to day operations. 

We are constantly striving to improve our outreach efforts in the DMV area. Each year, we participate in a variety of educational and community events and are always open to new partnerships.

Our clinical services are the bulk of our operations. For more information about our sites, please visit the site specific pages for Bridge to Care, HIPS, and Whitman Walker Health.

The GW Healing Clinic programs are supported by the fundraising efforts of the student members. In order to keep the clinic running, we host a variety of different fundraisers and activities all organized by students, for students. Please see our fundraising page for more information and ways to get involved!

We conduct short-term and longitudinal research as a way to continually evaluate and improve the quality of care we deliver. Through various conferences and presentations, we share our mission and engage with other student run free clinics around the country. 

Group photo